New Year’s Eve Book Tag

Wow, I forgot I was tagged by Alice @ Love for Words two weeks ago. Sorry about that, and thanks so much! For anyone reading this, you should check out Alice’s blog. It’s so charming and fun and go look at it, go, go, go.


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Good as Hell: Favorite Book

Nightbooks by J.A. White: I really enjoyed this book and especially Alex’s scary stories. It was fun and whimsical-spooky and Lenore, the cat, was the best.

Green Light Go: Green Cover

Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs by Scott Cunningham: I’m not a Wiccan, but this is a very useful and comprehensive reference for any witch, especially beginners.

LBD: Sexiest Character

Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo: I don’t think I read any books in 2019 with sexy characters because, well, I just started taking reading seriously in November, and the books reviewed were about witchcraft. I know of the Darkling and will definitely be reading the Grisha series. MMMMMM.

Dally: Best Moment of 2019

Getting back into collecting Living Dead Dolls and writing fanfiction that received some praise! Also, falling in love with the robot dude pictured. His name is Isaiah and he’s the Resurrection version (but I also love his variant). One of my life goals is to inspire more fans to draw him. Yeah, I’m lonely.

UGH. Forget pets and familiars. I want sexy living dolls. Yeah, I’m weird.

Sin Querer Queriendo: Silly MC (or Side Character)

Wax by Gina Damico: Poppy and her best friend, Jill, are hilarious. I mean, Wax itself is hilarious and just a great book overall. The plot is unique and the story is entertaining. One of the wax people could’ve been a potential love interest. A BETTER LOVE STORY THAN TWILIGHT. Seriously, think about it. Love warm. Wax melt. Okay, I’m sorry. I WILL review it. I must. It is worthy.

7 Rings: New Book Friends

Oh, gosh. I’m honestly grateful for all the other book bloggers who’ve connected with me and support my work! If I had to pick seven that I’ve been especially happy about, it would have to be:

  1. Marina @ Books of Magic
  2. Mel @ Cotton Candy Book Witch
  3. Lucy @ Lucy’s Novel Purpose
  4. Nikki @ Nikki Swift Reads
  5. Bri @ Books and Shadows
  6. Sofii @ A Book. A Thought.
  7. Every other book blogger who connected with me and supports my work. See what I did there?

Kill This Love: First Book in 2020

Maple Street by A.M. Dorhauer: This was the first book I reviewed in 2020 and it deserves to be boosted again! It’s not the most adventurous middle grade novel, but it’s a lovely story. Also, Halloween.

Much love to y’all, and may the rest of 2020 be full of good books!

5 Replies to “New Year’s Eve Book Tag”

  1. OMG thank you haha! It’s always a bit rewarding when I’m reading a post and see my name tagged. It’s the little things… 💕

  2. I love your blog’s aesthetic. (The broom in the bottom right corner is my new best friend, I’ve clicked on it about five times already and it’s still as funny. I’m dumb, sorry.)

    I enjoyed reading your answers! I’ve jumped to your review of Nightbooks, and it sounds delightful! I usually can’t read any scary-slash-horror book (because in addition to being dumb, I’m easily frightened) but since it’s middle grade I’ll give it a try!

    1. Haha, thank you! The broom is honored to be your best friend and also loves your blog’s aesthetic. 😊 Nightbooks is pretty tame! It’s more eerie than scary, but also cute and amusing. I’d love to know your thoughts, if you decide to review it!

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