Daughter of Chaos by Sarah Rees Brennan – Book Review

It’s official. I ship Harvey and Nick. Thanks, book.

Seriously, though. The author has, once again, proven how great she is at nailing the voices of the characters. The character development in this book is exactly what the show could’ve used more of. I dare say the third season would’ve been better if she’d written it instead. (I’m still mad about it.)

Daughter of Chaos, the sequel to Season of the Witch, is the darker and more exciting book I wanted. The story takes place soon after the “A Midwinter’s Tale” episode. There’s a new cafe in town that sells tea and eclairs, but it isn’t as sweet as it sounds. No, there aren’t any people parts in the food, but there are demons and witchy shenanigans that you’ll wish happened on the show.

Harvey and Nick’s relationship is as amusing as it is interesting. Nick wants to woo Sabrina and chooses Harvey to teach him how to do it the mortal way. In case you didn’t know, Sabrina and Harvey broke up for reasons that I won’t spoil.

Unlike most mortals, witches aren’t monogamous. They indulge in carnal pleasures with whomever catches their eye without a shred of guilt. The half-witch Sabrina, however, lived among mortals with the exception of her family, and she wants a love as true as the one she thought she had with Harvey.

There are some very touching moments with Harvey and even a badass one, and I wasn’t expecting his father to become a more sympathetic character. Harvey meets Prudence, thanks to Nick, and she also gets sympathy points despite her typical nasty Prudenceness. Although reluctant, she joins forces with Sabrina—twice—and they work together to banish the demons invading Greendale.

Disobedience has always been my sin of choice.

Sabrina Spellman, Daughter of Chaos (literally)

Roz and Susie have a lot more personality here. To be honest, I was never fond of Sabrina’s friends. They’re not exactly uninteresting characters, but they weren’t executed well on screen. They were flat and rushed and just feel as if they’re in the wrong show. Daughter of Chaos, however, changes that.

Roz is the more complex character she was meant to be, and Susie is a firecracker whose friendship with Harvey is a wholesome bromance. I said bromance because Susie’s journey to finding an identity is addressed. Roz and Harvey’s feelings for each other are also developed rather than forced. That’s right, show. Take notes.

I just really love how well portrayed the characters of Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina are in these books. Even Salem has a few lines! I wish the writers of the show would hire this author because it could really use some help, at least in the character department. It’s probably too late, though.

I do hope the next book will be a little more thrilling because, although Daughter of Chaos was a delight to read, I felt there wasn’t enough action. The scene with the final demonic boss was also rather anticlimactic. Still, it was eventful and a good plot, and I can’t wait for the third book. I’m off to convince the show of Harvey and Nick’s chemistry now.


4 full moons out of 5

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