Bookish & Non-Bookish News: A New Story Idea (That I’m 100% Certain Is the One)

As you might’ve noticed, I’m not a consistent blogger. I tried for a few months after launching my blog, but now that I’m back at writing original fiction, I’m even slower. I just cannot muster the focus or energy to do as much as other people. I never could without risking a mental breakdown. Superior genetics.

It doesn’t help that I’ve been without my ADHD meds for weeks now. After so much back and forth between my psychiatrist and the insurance company, I found out that Vyvanse isn’t totally covered, so I’m probably gonna switch to Adderall.

So, rather than making friends and followers wait forever (even though I’m sure nobody really minds, considering there are plenty of other blogs to keep y’all preoccupied), I’ll be writing the occasional post like this to remind everyone that the aliens still haven’t abducted me.

What am I currently reading?

Path of Night by Sarah Rees Brennan: I’m really enjoying this so far! Nick’s backstory makes him a lot more sympathetic and, once again, makes me wish that the author could’ve been one of the TV show’s writers. This book is much better than the third season (even though it’s a side story like the other two, but still) and I have about 200 more pages to go.

What am I looking forward to reading?

Damien: Omen II by Joseph Howard: The movie might be a bit silly, but for me it’s nostalgic. The brotherly relationship between Damien and Mark is precious and sad, and the book made it even more so. I haven’t finished it because I was terribly sidetracked months ago, and I’ve been needing to pick it back up!

What’s brewing?

The novel I was writing has failed to work out AGAIN. But! A much better plot has risen from the ashes. If you’ve known me long enough, you’d be rolling your eyes because this is my 500th attempt at finishing a story. BUT! For the first time ever, I have the most fitting names for all my new characters and their backstories are fully established, along with the world (an alternate Earth) and magic system. I just have to outline (wish me luck).

What’s in it?

  • Humans, witches, vampires, werewolves, faeries, gods, and spirits. Magic is unique to every race and is tied to lore and culture.
  • A Jewish protagonist. She’s also half witch! Her religion especially makes sense for the story. She works with her uncle as a shomeret (feminine form of shomer: someone who accompanies the dead before burial) and green funerals are the norm in Judaism. You might be side-eyeing me, knowing I’m a transhumanist and consequently anti-deathist, but it’s all part of the story’s theme that is tradition vs. innovation.
  • A magic university. It has the largest occult library in the world that includes rare and ancient books!
  • A sapphic romance! Yes, I’m generally not a fan of romance, but there’s a fiery, sort-of-enemies-to-lovers connection between the protagonist and her roommate. I dig it.
  • A secret society and a cult. Neither is exactly focused on taking over the world…

Let’s chat!

What are you currently reading, or looking forward to reading? How’s life? Are you writing anything?

3 Replies to “Bookish & Non-Bookish News: A New Story Idea (That I’m 100% Certain Is the One)”

  1. I love all your posts, and things are even better when we have to anticipate their release. Take care of yourself and enjoy writing your novel (it honestly sounds like something I would buy without missing a beat). You’re amazing.

    1. Aww thank you so much, Alice, and right back at ya! ๐Ÿ’– I hope I can prove my amazingness by finishing a novel for the first time in my life, haha! I’ve been through countless ideas and this one seems the most promising. I really appreciate the support!

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