My name is Elara Sterling. I’m a witch who reviews books about—yep, you guessed it—witches and witchcraft! Yes, I really am a witch, but not the kind that casts fireballs and lightning bolts with the wave of a wand, unfortunately. The world we live in is what I’d consider “low fantasy,” where magical events happen on occasion and take the path of least resistance. In other words, real magic doesn’t defy the laws of physics.

You might think that, since I’m a witch, I must be a big nature lover. Nature can be nice and all, but I could never call it home. Besides the fact that I prefer heating and air conditioning, along with many other modern commodities that make this existence more bearable, my real home has always felt to be in a very different universe. That’s why I’ve always preferred fantasy over reality.

Imagination is my most powerful magical tool, and it’s produced some very interesting experiences long before I called myself a witch. I don’t expect people to believe me (I mean, evidence is crucial to believing), but my life has always been a weird one and I can’t deny the things that have happened.

I launched this blog in November 2019 after deciding to put writing original fiction aside. I honestly get more enjoyment out of reading and reviewing and could still slap myself for not doing so earlier. Suffering from severe ADHD and OCD, I’ve struggled with finishing stories for over a decade. I have a few solid ideas, but they shall remain on the back burner indefinitely.

When I’m not blogging or doing the witchy thing, I’m either reading, watching horror movies/TV shows, or working on fanfiction. My current fandoms are Living Dead Dolls and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. My works can be found on AO3 and Wattpad.